Bedugul and Jati Luwih Rice Terrace tours

The sights for this tour package including Taman Ayun, Candi Kuning, Bedugul Botanical Garden, and Jatiluwih which are the most recommended places when you are touring to the middle part of the island. Tour to Bedugul and Jati Luwih offers you cool and pleasant climate up to 18oC. Here, all visitors will be pampered by the superb view overlooking the lake, the complete botanical garden, as well as the graceful temple.

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pic Taman Ayun Temple
Taman Ayun Temple is a big temple located in Mengwi District and Badung regency. It is one of the heritance from the empire of Mengwi with beautiful temple building and the big fishpond surrounds it. This Temple owns the building boosting high and joins with others with beautiful decoration and it is designed by Balinese architecture.

pic Bedugul - Botanical garden
Bedugul Botanical Garden covers almost 159 hectares of land where 1187 species of beautiful flowers, orchids, plants, and big trees are available to behold and studied. This awesome place was formally launched in 1959, with proximity to Danu Temple and Beratan Lake. Here. Inside the Botanical garden, you can visit an orchid garden with complete 320 species of orchid collections originally coming from NTT, Irian Jaya, Java, and the other places.

picJati Luwih - Rice field terraces
Jati Luwih is a favorite tourist destination in Bali famous with the beautiful rice terrace unfolding from the foot of mountain until the coastal side. It is one of places to visit in Bali with the beautiful view as according to its name from Jati and luwih, where Jati mean really and Luwih meaning especial, good, and beautiful or the equivalent. The local paddies are planted in this place look typically of the high relative size plant if it is compared with other pre-eminent paddy planted by most farmers in Bali . Despitefully, Jatiluwih also famous with its organic agriculture system due to the location is located in the in the plateau of Watukaru Mount which is suitable for the agriculture development.

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