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  • De Nyuh Spa | Beauty Salon
    De Nyuh Spa | Beauty Salon

    Our name,"De Nyuh" were derived from Balinese language, which means "for coconut". As our name were derived from coconut, 80% of our products were made especially from coconut fruit, even our equiptment were made from it's tree. You'll be amazed with how convenient a coconut tree could be.......

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    Bali Ratu Spa

    Bali Ratu Spa is the greatest relaxation & esthetic spa in Bali. "RATU" means queen in Balinese language. Bali Ratu Spa offers natural traditional Balinese treatment. Enjoy our treatment like a queen and let your heart & body will be healed......

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    Talaga Spa

    Why is the treatment at Talaga so special? It is because we make sure that each of our therapist starts their day by practicing energy resonance by way of meditation, taichi or other mixed of spiritual and physical practices before giving the treatment.....